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Travel is the movement of people or objects geographically through conveyances like airplanes, boats, trains, buses, cars and etc between relatively distant locations.

Travelling is an adventure, extraordinary, filled with new acquaintances, conversations, music, laughter, tastes, smiles, sights, and sounds. An excitement of visiting places, what will or who you will meet.

Travelling makes a lot of sense like returning to certain destinations, but discovering new places is so much more exciting. Few travel for the necessity, recreation and for fun and love. Few realized that going back to places is already known fun, but what makes it really worth is going to new places. Places where my brain one had to work overtime to puzzle even the simplest situation.

Following is the classified list of tours:

Accessible Tours Adventure Tours Agriculture Tours Airline Tours
Archaeology Tours Architecture Tours Art Tours Bareboat Tours
Barges Tours Bicycling Tours Bird watching Tours Boating Tours
Camping Tours Canoeing Tours Climbing Tours Clothing Optional Tours
Cross Country Tours Cruise Tours Culinary Tours Cultural Tours
Disabled Tours Diving Tours Dog Sledding Tours Dude Ranch Tours
Eclipse Tours Ecology Tours Educational Tours Equestrian Tours
Farm stays Tours Ferries Tours Fishing Tours Flight seeing Tours
Freighters Tours Garden Tours Golf Tours Gourmet Tours
Hiking Tours Historical Tours Holistic Tours Home stays Tours
Honeymoon Tours Horseback Tours Jazz Tours Kayaking Tours
Language Tours Mancation Tours Marathon Tours Motor coach Tours
Motorcycling Tours Mountaineering Tours Museums Tours Music Tours
Nature Tours Photography Tours Pilgrimage Tours Rafting Tours
Railroad Tours Rainforest Tours Religious Tours Research Tours
Safari Tours Sailing Tours Scuba/Snorkeling Tours Shopping Tours
Sightseeing Tours Skiing Tours Snowboarding Tours Snowmobile Tours
Space Tours Spiritual Tours Sports Tours Storm Chasing Tours
Student Tours Train Tours Trekking Tours Volunteering Tours
Walking Tours War Tours Whale Watching Tours Windsurfing Tours
Women Tours Yacht Charters Tours